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We're so glad you're here! 

First, let me introduce myself. I'm Christina, one of the co-founders of Causal. I'm a product person (formerly at TripAdvisor and Circle). I have two co-founders: Jeff (a long-time ML guy) and Alex (a full-stack dev and engineering leader). We're all Boston natives and TripAdvisor alumni.  

We're building Causal to solve the most irritating and intractable problems we've had in building software: crappy, messy data generated by tracking code that's difficult to maintain, code that's so full of old ideas and branches that adding to it is a nightmare, and a general feeling that all the work we were doing to optimize our products might be adding up to nothing.

The next few posts are going to walk through what problems Causal solves and how it works in more detail.  After that, this blog will branch out into specifics on use cases, case studies, and more general topics we find interesting (A/B testing, machine learning, compilers, domain specific languages, jokes about Boston, etc).

Great to meet you!